Features That Need CreatingEdit

3D Display

Paoli 1 Wordmark

Paoli 1 wordmark

Propposed P1 word mark I just sort of threw this together. Any comments or suggestions?


Pages That Need CreatingEdit

Troop Committee Meeting

Dewy Homes

Honorary Paoli 1 Eagle Scouts

Four Man Fronts

100th Birthday


Backpacking Trips

Day Trips


Hickory Run State Park

French Creek State Park

Baxter State Park

Troop Gear:Edit

Pages That Need PicturesEdit

The Cabin

Staff Drilling

Board of Review


Water Carnival

Troop Auction


Paoli 1 Sticker


First Aid Plaque

Pages That Need ContentEdit

!!!!!!!!!!!!Richard T. Bensing!!!!!!!!!!!!

Past Patrol Leaders

All the pages for people we have up.

Topics That Need ResearchEdit

Richard T. Bensing

Birthday Awards

Water Carnival

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