The Uniform Shirt, the centerpiece of the Class A Uniform, is the most clearest divergence of the Paoli 1 uniform from the OBS standard tan shirt. Paoli 1 wears a custom tailored, olive drab, wool, long-sleeve shirt. It is a throw back both to the early years of scouting as well as military uniforms of the Great War. Scouts must acquire their uniform directly from the Quartermaster rather than buying it from the Scout Shop. Erin Van Yahres has worked over the years producing these shirts for the Troop.

Wearing the UniformEdit

The Shirt is always worn fully buttoned and tucked into the pants. The shirt should always have a visible Military Press ironed into it. Sleeves are worn down during the winter and are rolled up for Summer Class A. When not worn, scouts should always have their uniform on a hanger or in a garment bag.


By the conclusion of a scout's time in the Troop, his shirt will be covered in patches. These denote everything from rank to participation at events. All patches should be up-to-date and worn properly. More information on patches can be found here.

Neckerchief and LanyardEdit

The uniform shirt collar is worn flipped inside so that the silky underlining is touching the neck rather than the itchy wool. This provides so relief but also allows for the wearing of the Neckerchief and Slide around the neck. The neckerchief is centered on the back of the shirt and the tail end is buttoned into the shirt at the second or third button. For scouts holding the position of APL and above, they will also wear the appropriate Lanyard which is worn around the neckerchief and ends at the left breast pocket of the uniform shirt.

Belts and AlignmentEdit

The shirt should always be tucked-in but that is not enough. It should also be aligned properly with the pants and belts. The center line of the shirt should line up with the center line of the pants as if forming one continuous line. The belts must then be centered directly on-top of their confluence.

Other ItemsEdit

Several other items are required to be worn on or with the uniform shirt including shoulder cords and year pins. These items can be found here.

Some events also require the wearing of the OA sash across the uniform.

Class A Dress events require the wearing of medals.

See also the associated cadence for "Paoli 1 Green".

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