Uniform Inspection is a process that occurs at the beginning of each and every Troop Meeting and before the Birthday to "inspect" the uniforms of the scouts in the patrols. This is done to instill the importance of the uniform in the scouts, to instruct them about the uniform, and to insure that the uniforms of the scouts in the troop look as sharp as possible. Inspection also acts as another event counted for points to the Inter Patrol Contest.


At the SPL's order to assemble, the Troop lines up in Patrol Order.  The Staff Patrol then proceeds down the line of scouts inspecting one patrol at a time.  Each scout is individually inspected by at least one staff member with the SPL always inspecting the Patrol Leader. The Patrol Leader brings his patrol to attention and salutes the SPL.  The SPL returns his salute and gives the instruction to "begin inspection" of that patrol.  If there are more scouts in a patrol than staff members, those who finish inspection first will move down the line and inspect the younger scouts in the patrol. During this process. the troop Scribe stands at the end of the staff line and records the results of the inspection as the inspectors move from patrol to patrol.

Staff inspectors go over any piece of the uniform.  Any piece of the uniform that is wrong or even completely missing will result in "points off".  Errors might include glaring issues like not having the right pants or a Patrol Leader not having his POR patch.


In the end, the inspector tallies the errors he found and gives that number to the Scribe. The Scribe then compiles the points. Points off are doubled for the Patrol Leader and new scouts (their first inspection) are inspected but their points off are not counted.  He then takes the sum of the points off and divides it by the number of scouts in the patrol.  All patrols then have their "points off per man" compared and are ranked. The points for that patrol's inspection score are counted to the Interpatrol Contest Cup. corresponding to which place they earned in inspection that month.

First 500
Second 400
Third 300
Fourth 200
Fifth 100

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