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Eastern Box Turtle found near the Goodman Pavilion.

Because of Horseshoe's location within the Octoraro Bend, it is common for scouts to find Eastern Box Turtles around camp. Most years the Troop only has one turtle (typically named after Paoli 1 alumni) but every few years the number of turtles will increase.

Scouts are permitted to house these wild turtles during their time in camp but must release them back into the wild by week's end. Scouts are also encouraged to bring their turtles up to the nature lodge where they will be housed and fed.

The Turtle DerbyEdit

At the end of the week after Saturday's dinner, the "Turtle Derby" is held. Each turtle's shell is marked with the number of the troop that found it and they are raced against each other. The turtles start from the center of a circle and the first turtle to go outside the circle wins. The Scout that originally found the turtle receives a small patch with a turtle on it as his reward.

Previous WinnersEdit

Lohan DaCosta - 2006, Won using a turtle named "The Raging Stampede"

Fun FactsEdit

  • One year the Staff Patrol fed their turtle some mineral water. After returning to their pavilion after activities, they found the trunks caging the turtle were pushed aside and the turtle was no where to be found.
  • In 2013, the troop collectively gathered seven turtles throughout the week; the most Paoli 1 has ever found in one week. Unfortunately, the turtle derby was cancelled that week forcing the scouts to release all seven back into the wild.