Located in Ludlow, Vermont, the Trojan Horse Hostel was a location that the Troop visited twice a year when skiing at Okemo and Killington. It was only 2 miles from Okemo and just a bit farther from Killington, allowing the

Bunk beds in one of the rooms

troop easy access to the mountains for ski trips.


There are three rooms for sleeping; each room has around six bunks. In the event that there are more people than bunks, there are also cots that can be set up in the hallways. Usually one room is reserved for the adults, another for the Staff, and the last one for the rest of the scouts. 

The Trojan GhostEdit

It is said that the Trojan Horse haunts the kitchen. Every once in a while, even if nobody is in the kitchn, the lights will turn on or off for some period of time. Also some have felt a cold breeze coming through the kitchen while walking past it. 


Unfortunately, the Trojan Horse was forced to close due to Hurricane Irene and other financial problems. This has forced the Troop to look at other cheap places to stay at or go to other mountains for the winter trips.

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