The Staff Patrol Leader (not to be confused with the Senior Patrol Leader ) is typically the second most senior scout in the Staff Patrol. This position is only used when the Staff Patrol is "over-strength". He takes over the SPL's duties to oversee the over-sized Staff Patrol so that the SPL may focus on the Troop.

The Staff Patrol Leader's duties are a little different than those of a regular Patrol Leader.

  • Staff Patrol is comprised of scouts from the ranks of Star to Eagle. Thus advancement is more the responsibility of the individual and his acquisition of Merit Badges and the planning of projects rather than the responsibility of the PL to teach skills and "sign off" on them.
  • The Staff Patrol typically does not compete. Therefore there are no Birthday practices, First Aid practices, drilling practices, etc.
  • Without the need to work on advancement or practices, there are also no meetings outside of troop events.

The Staff Patrol Leader is still responsible for:

  • Contacting members of the Staff Patrol regarding attendance and participation at events and trips.
  • Helping Staff Members with their advancement should they require assistance (especially with service hours).
  • Organizing the patrol into a cohesive unit while on trips or at sleepouts.
  • Planning and leading occasional patrol trips for the senior scouts.
  • Reporting regularly to the Senior Patrol Leader.

Staff Patrol Leader is an acceptable POR for rank advancement (typically to Eagle).

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