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Staff Judges, 98th Birthday

After completing a term (or two) as a patrol leader, scouts graduate out of their patrols and into the staff patrol. Staff is the senior leadership of the Troop and is the pool from which the Senior Patrol Leader and other troop-wide positions are drawn.

All staff positions are assigned by the SPL after several discussions starting at Horseshoe.

Staff DutiesEdit

Staff's primary responsibility is to help teach the younger scouts. Though they may be out of their old patrols and no longer directly lead, it does not mean they can't still interact with the younger scouts and aid them in advancement.

Staff also serves an important advisory role. Just as the Scoutmaster watches over the SPL and his staff, the staff supervises and advises the patrol leaders. In many cases, these staff members had been the patrol leaders just months before. They know the members of their old patrol and they have recent experience as PLs that can help the new PLs.

At Troop Meetings the staff patrol also performs a uniform inspection on the rest of the patrols. The staff patrol also judges the Birthday events.

Staff JobsEdit

Most staff members also take on additional duties. These positions of responsibility are:

Senior Patrol Leader - The highest ranking member of the Troop. He oversees all the patrols including his own staff.

Assistant Senior Patrol Leader - Second in command to the SPL, the ASPL aids the SPL in his duties. There can be more than one ASPL if the SPL so desires. These ASPLs can be assigned areas of oversight as the SPL's discretion such as ASPL of Quartermasters.

Scribe - The scribe is responsible for handling the points in the Inter Patrol Contest, tracking inspection scores, and overseeing the scoring of the patrols during the Birthday.

Quartermaster (QM) - Often split into numerous positions, the quartermasters are responsible for physically maintaining the Troop. The ranks can be split into QM of uniforms, equipment, grounds, and sometimes Canoe Barn.

Order of the Arrow Representative (OA Rep) - Responsible for organizing the OA election and OA tap-out. He is also expected to regularly attend OA weekends and maintain communications with our lodge, Octoraro 22.

Drum and Bugle Corps Captain - Musical staff member that has been in the Drum and Bugle Corps for a few years that leads and teaches the Corps. This is usually not selected by the SPL, but by the previous Captain.

Other JobsEdit

While most of the Positions of Responsibility are held by Staff members and Patrol Leaders, due to the increase of scouts in recent years, several other positions have been created within the troop by Scoutmaster Jim Roadcap  and SPL Matthew Dong after the 101st Birthday. While they can be held by Staff, these positions can also be held by other Patrol Leader-age scouts. However, because these position require less time and effort on the part of the scout than the position of Patrol Leader, the position requires double the time commitment before fulfilling an advancement requirement (i.e. only signed off after a full year has passed rather than just six months). 

Forester - The Forester is responsible for hosting workdays to help protect and preserve the trees and plants in the Cabin area


Troop Events Liaison - The Liaison is responsible for helping the SPL and the SPL Mom with the three major troop family events: the Troop Auction , Family Dinner , and the Birthday.

Librarian -  

Current MembersEdit

This year, the staff is split up between the active leading "Senior Staff" and the lower regular "Staff". This is due to the large influx of new staff members. The placement is dependent on age and activity, but it does not prevent any rank advancement or participation.

New also this year and still being worked out is the "Staff Patrol Leader". This is a senior staff member who will help lead the Staff Patrol for the SPL. Other duties will be worked out later in the year.

Senior Staff PatrolEdit

  • Matt Nirmaier (SPL)
  • Nathan Rose (ASPL)
  • Michael Pacca(ASPL)

Staff PatrolEdit

  • Alejandro Dyer (OA)
  • Leo Chen (Historian)
  • Sam Williams (QM Vehicles)
  • Max Magee ()
  • Clay Cochran (Recruitment commander)
  • Hunter Hollender (Forester)
  • Joseph Callahan
  • Adam Morrow
  • Alex Gwynn
  • Brandon Lindgren
  • Luke Ditton
  • Sean Oberman
  • Jack Roadcap

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