During the fall and spring at a PLC, the senior scouts may decide to host a sleepout at the Cabin after a Troop Meeting. Instead of scouts leaving the Cabin after the Troop Meeting, they will instead take their packs and gear to their respective Patrol Campsites while Staff Patrol usually sleeps in the Lean-to. The Patrol Leader will lead his scouts and assign various task to set up the campsite such as; getting water, setting up tents, starting a fire, cooking, etc. The responsibility to cook is often assigned much earlier with that scout or scouts being responsible for planning and purchasing food in addition to simply preparing it.

Cooking ContestEdit

At each sleepout there is a cooking contest to see which patrol cooked the best meal. Staff Patrol judges the food and decides the order the meals (and thus the patrols) place. The patrols are assigned points to go along with their placing in the contest much the same was as patrols are awarded points for the order they place during a uniform inspection. There are several rules regarding the cooking competition and they can be found here.

Evening ActivityEdit

After the scouts eat dinner , about it gets dark, the Troop will often gather for a few hours. This activity is often a football game or variation of it. The scouts play on the Parade Field with lights set up by the Staff Patrol partially illuminating the field. Rarely a different sport like soccer is played on the field. It has become less common recently but in past the scouts often would choose to play capture the flag or man hunt. Regardless of the activity of the night, eventually the scouts tire themselves out and retire to their tents to sleep.

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