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Mark Zibinski's 2013 Philmont Shakedown at Horseshoe

Shakedowns are a type of one-day activity that involves preparation for a large trip such as a High Adventure Base. Crew leaders will typically organize the events and lead their crew members during these activities.


Shakedown trips are vital for any large trip to be successful. They allow the crew to address their strengths and weaknesses before they are actually away in the wilderness and unable to either remedy faults or plan around strengths. Shakedowns are also a useful means of getting everyone in physical shape for the upcoming trip, familiar with their equipment, and motivated to work.


Philmont Prep HikesEdit

Philmont is one of the most challenging experiences a scout can go through in his career. In order to prepare for this behemoth of a trip, the scouts go on many overnight and day hikes. The hikes general involve purposefully weighted packs to build up strength and endurance for the actual trip.

Northern Tier Canoe TripsEdit

Northern Tier Shakedowns are also vitally important. These trips break up the scouts and adults into canoe pairs and attempt to teach how to maneuver and most efficiently propel a canoe, as well as portaging and carrying gear.

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