The Scribe is the scout responsible for recording and tracking information from various of troop activities throughout the year. Like Quartermaster, there are two levels of scribes; the Troop Scribe and the Patrol Scribe.

Troop ScribeEdit

The Troop Scribe's main duties are to receive and record all the points sent to him from the Patrol Scribes each month. His duty is not to do the Patrol Scribe's job by searching and tabulating points but simply to keep track of which patrols have reported their points in and what those reports say. At the end of the Troop Year, the Troop Scribe will add up all the patrols' points for the year and find which patrol won the Inter Patrol Contest.

At each troop meeting, instead of inspecting along with the other senior staff, the Troop Scribe will record how many points off each patrol got and calculate the points off per man ratio. During the meeting itself, the Scribe announces the results of inspection and the points off per man starting from the patrol in fifth place.

The Troop Scribe's POR Patch is a large tan circle with a golden quill on it. There is a small green Fleur-de-lis at the bottom and "Scribe" is written at the top of the patch in green.

Patrol ScribeEdit

The Patrol Scribe is a job assigned by the Patrol Leader to a member of his patrol. The Patrol Scribe is tasked with keeping track of all the points his patrol has accumulated. Points are earned for participation in troop and patrol activities, service projects, and rank advancements. At the end of each month, the Patrol Scribe should call all the scouts in the patrol and find what activities or advancements (merit badges or rank) each patrol member has earned that month. The Scribe will then compile the data into one spreadsheet and email it to the SPL and Troop Scribe. He will also bring a hard copy to the PLC of the next month. Failure to do so will result reduced points or even the complete loss of that month's points.

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