Before advancing to the next rank a scout must meet with the Scoutmaster for a Scoutmaster Conference. This meeting serves as a preliminary review before the Board of Review to determine if the scout does indeed know the material and double checking that he has fulfilled all requirements. It also allows the Scoutmaster the opportunity to get to know the scout better and truly determine if the boy is living the Scout Oath and Law. The scout must have all his requirements signed off (by his Patrol Leader, a Staff Member, an Assistant Scoutmaster, or the Scoutmaster himself) before calling the Scoutmaster to schedule the conference either during a Troop Event like a sleepout or independent of a Troop event typically in the form of a brief meeting at the scout's home. Not only must the scout prepare to show what he has learned from the requirements, he must also be prepared to talk with the Scoutmaster on other troop aspects such as his future plans in the Troop.

Star, Life, and Eagle Conferences are slightly different as there is less discussion on the requirements and more on the scout's dedication, plans to continue with the Troop, his development into a young man, and his plans for the future after graduating Hugh School.

Note: A conference with an Assistant Scoutmaster does not fulfill this requirement. The conference must be with the Scoutmaster.

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