This term refers to Scouting stores in general but when used in Paoli 1 it tends to refer only to the local Valley Forge Scout Shop.

Paoli 1 and the Scout StoreEdit

The Paoli 1 Uniform is largely custom made therefore not all items can be acquired from the store. Even many small items that can be acquired from the store are also stocked by the Troop's Quartermaster. Therefore, the main items that scouts and parents will buy from the store are pants and socks.

Although the Scout Store is not the "one stop shopping" that it may be for other troops' uniforms, it still has a multitude of other items available for sale ranging from scout related bumper stickers to scout related trophies. It is important to note that the Scout Store sells Merit Badge Books. It is always useful for a scout to purchase their own copy. It is required if the Troop's library does not have the book he is looking for.

Location and OrderingEdit

The Valley Forge Scout Shop is located at 1485 Valley Forge Road, between Valley Forge Middle School and the bridge across I-76 to Valley Forge Park. It is located on the right-hand side of the road when heading from the school toward the park and the driveway really can sneak-up on you if you are not paying attention. The store's phone number is (610) 989-9626 and the website for all scouting stores is where you can browse and specifically order items that might not be stocked at the Valley Forge store.

The Cradle of Liberty Scout Shop

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