Col. Clifton Lisle

Col. Clifton Lisle and the troop Camp Rothrock in 1924

Robert Clifton Patton Lisle (November 27, 1891-August 6, 1966) more commonly known simply as "Clifton Lisle" or "Colonel Clifton Lisle" was the second Scoutmaster of Paoli 1, 1921-1929. He succeeded Horace A. Walton, the Troop's founder, to the position. It is difficult to measure his immense contributions to the Troop but it is safe to say that Paoli 1 would not be the same without him. Many of the Troop's traditions were started by him and they continue to live on in the Troop to this day.



Military Career in WWI

Adult Eagle Scout


Camp LisleEdit

One of the most obvious legacies is Paoli 1's campsite at Horseshoe. The campsite that bears his name was actually a tribute to the man after his death, the work of his widow and the Troop. Over time Lisle has developed into the premiere campsite at Horseshoe with unique structures that dwarf all other sites. Clifton Lisle is honored as the campsite's namesake, by a towering archway bearing his name, and when Paoli 1 SPLs proudly belt out "Colonel Clifton Lisle" when reporting at each Retreat Ceremony. In addition, a stone marker and plaque have been placed at the entry to the campsite to further honor the man and briefly inform others of the man who did so much for the Troop.

It reads:

Robert Clifton Patton Lisle

Colonel Infantry

1891 - 1966

Colonel Clifton Lisle was a decorated infantry officer with the 316th Infantry regiment in WWI, commanded by Colonel Hoxie Harrison Smith. Returning from the war in 1919, he became the Scoutmaster of Paoli Troop 1 until 1929. He was one of the first adult Eagle Scouts and the first Council Commissioner. He was awarded the Silver Beaver in 1931. He attended Wood Badge at Gilwell and was acquainted with Baden-Powell, the founder of the Scouting movement.

Col. Lisle loved the outdoors, making it the basis for the Troop program. He led trips each summer including a hike from Paoli to Camp Rothrock in Carlise, PA. He led the Troop to France and England in 1926 and 1929.

Col. Lisle was truly a consummate gentleman, a renaissance man, soldier, teacher, author, gardener, and Scoutmaster.

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