The Recruit of the Year Award is presented at the Birthday usually by the Assistant Scoutmaster of Recruiting to a scout who has completed their first full year in the troop as of the contemporary birthday. The award is represented by a gold medal hanging from a red, white, and blue ribbon for the scout's Class A Dress Uniform.

Eligibility and VotingEdit

Every year, during a PLC, the Staff and Patrol Leaders review the first year scouts and vote for the scout that best exemplifies the Paoli 1 spirit, worked actively with his Patrol, and achieved superior advancement in his first year. The senior scouts present will be polled and a consensus will be formed.

Typically the recipient will be a scout who has earned his First Class Rank and has high trip attendance.

Previous RecipientsEdit

2016-17, 106th Birthday - Matt Boccella

2015-16, 105th Birthday - Jerry Peng

2014-15, 104th Birthday - Ethan Skorup

2013-14, 103rd Birthday - Ross Curcio

To see past recipients click here .

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