Welcome CenterEdit

IMG 8417-M

Philmont 2013 members drop off their packs outside the Welcome Center from the bus.

Each trek beings at the Welcome Center. The crews are dropped off at this destination by their buses. The crew leader then checks-in while the rest of the crew waits in the building. After returning from the 12 day trek, the crew leader must once again check-in at the Welcome Center. 

At the Welcome Center you can:

  • recieve tent placement
  • get hot water for hot chocolate/cider
  • learn more information about Base Camp



At registration, the Lead Advisors of each crew pay for their trek as well as hand in any forms that are needed. 
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Mess HallEdit

IMG 0160-M

Some scouts eating at the Philmont Mess Hall (2013)

The Philmont Mess hall is a large building with two main entrances. The 3 meals are separated into Trailbound Crews and Homebound Crews. Trailbound Crews eat first. The Crews must wait outside to line up and they split into two lines according to their bus times or how fast they get into line. 

Within the dinning hall, scouts line up to recieve their platter of food which can range from chicken to roast beef sandwiches. After recieving their plate, scouts walk to the utensils area to grab eating utensils. There are also 2 salad bars, cereal stations, and drink stations to supply a hungry scout's need. 

Tooth of Time TradersEdit

Health LodgeEdit

Religious Service BuildingsEdit

Catholic ServiceEdit

Jewish ServiceEdit

Protestant ServiceEdit

Church of Latter Day SaintsEdit

Trailbound TentsEdit

Homebound TentsEdit

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