The Philmont Scout Ranch is a BSA High Adventure Base located in Cimarron, New Mexico. It focuses on backpacking as well as many backcountry activities for scouts to experience and learn. In many camps, scouts will learn about the history of Philmont as well as many traditional homesteading ways of the past. 

Philmont 2013 Troop 1 716-K-M

Philmont 2013

Base CampEdit

A few miles from Cimarron, Philmont's Base Camp is the center of all activity besides the backcountry. All the logistics, tening, planning, and everything else occurs in Base Camp. 

Paoli 1 CrewsEdit

Paoli 1 has sent multiple crews throughout the years.


2009: 713-O3 , 713-O4

2013: 716-K1 , 716-K2 , 716-K3

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