• Two bars signify the position of Patrol Leader
  • The white lanyard is kept as part of the uniform when a scout becomes Patrol Leader
The Patrol Leader is the most essential and highest ranking member in each patrol. There will always be five Patrol Leaders in the troop, one for each patrol. To signify their position of responsibility, the Patrol Leader wears a POR patch with double green bars on his left shoulder and also wears a white lanyard as part of his Uniform.

Duties and ResponsibilityEdit

The Patrol Leader must organize and run his patrol throughout the year, from Horseshoe to the Birthday. Every month he will lead at least one patrol meeting to help with advancement of his patrol members or to practice for a specific upcoming event. During the fall and winter the Patrol Leader is also required to run a patrol camping trip. He will also lead the patrol through the most important patrol events during the year, such as the First Aid Meet and the Birthday.

Eligibility and TermEdit

A new Patrol Leader is appointed by the Scoutmaster at the conclusion of the Birthday. Usually the new Patrol Leader will be the former Assistant Patrol Leader of that same patrol. The average Patrol Leader is a freshman in high school (14-15 years old) but PLs have ranged from 14-17 years old (ninth to eleventh grade). The term of office is one full Troop Year from one Birthday to the next; after which, he will be advanced into Staff Patrol. Some years, however, there is no assistant ready to move into the position so the old PL might be asked to stay for a second year.

Current Patrol LeadersEdit

Wolf: Johnny Palmer

Lion: Alex Trevisani

Eagle: Jerry Peng

Colour: Isaiah Chen

Fox: Joe Curcio