The Paoli 1 Sticker is a very common and critically important piece of troop gear. Since its inception, the Paoli 1 Stick has spread and been placed on various surfaces to signify the presence of a Troop 1 member. Its most prevalent usage is as a bumper sticker that almost all troop families and older scouts put on the back of their cars. This can be extremely useful for locating cars while driving in a troop caravan, identifying other members in public, and showing troop spirit and pride.


The Paoli 1 sticker is a square sticker featuring the Paoli 1 numeral logo (found on the should of the Class A Uniform, breast pocket of the Class B Uniform, and the Favicon for this website).

The Paoli 1 Sticker is sometimes replaced by his good friend, the Paoli 1 Magnet. The magnet is just a blank magnet with a sticker pressed over it. This makes the application of the Paoli 1 logo temporary (useful for rented vehicles, expensive vehicles that only want to show their pride but not diminish their value, and refrigerators).

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