In addition to patches, there are a number of other items that go in or on the uniform.

Pocket ContentsEdit

Pad and PencilEdit

Each scout is required to have a pad of paper and a pen or pencil in their left (rank) pocket. This item is occasionally used by the Patrol Leader, APL. and Patrol Scribe but all scouts are required to have it.

Membership CardEdit

Each scout must have their BSA membership card in their right (Horseshoe) pocket. The card must be up-to-date for that year.


Any scout with a Lanyard should have a steel whistle attached to the end of it. The Lanyard end is anchored to the left pocket's button and the whistle rests inside the pocket.

  • Northern Tier Patch
  • Philmont Scout Ranch Patch

Hanging PatchesEdit

Any scout who has been to one of the BSA High Adventures Bases will have a special patch that can hang from a button. The scout is to wear this patch on the right side hanging down over his Horseshoe Ring.

Shoulder CordsEdit

Drum and BugleEdit

All members of the Drum and Bugle Corps past and present wear a double red cord on their right shoulder to indicate membership in that group.

Den ChiefEdit

Den Chiefs wear either a blue and gold or blue, red, and gold (or both) cord on their left should to indicate their service either to a Cub Scout unit or Webelos (respectively).

Man ScoutEdit

Man Scouts wear a thick woven black cord with a central white band.

Year PinEdit

Any scout who has been in the Troop for more than a year must wear a year pin on their uniform. The pin is centered off of the rank and placed several inches above the pocket (it is moved higher if necessary to accommodate medals and awards worn with Class A Dress). The number naturally corresponds to the number of years a scout has been in the Troop. That number is the years completed, not years started. Thus a scout who joined in March of 2006 would still be wearing his three year pin in February of 2010 because he had not fully completed four years.

All year pins must also have a proper circular backing on them. Younger scouts wear green backings and senior scouts (14+) wear red backings.

Once a scout reaches passes eight years in the Troop (typically once completing their final year), they turn the eight sideways to create the infinity sign, Paoli 1 for life.

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