The Milk Challenge is an annual event held during the week at Horseshoe. Typically done during one of the troop nights, scouts volunteer to chug a gallon of milk during a set time limit. Usually hosted at Taylor Beach , the contestants sit in a line while the rest of the Troop watches and cheers as the contestants attempt the challenge.

This event is often used to fulfill a requirement for the Communications merit badge, in which scouts must organize and lead a Troop activity. 

Milk Challenge FinishersEdit


There have been many that have come close to completing the Challenge. Their names are recognized here.

Alex "Ducky" Cotseralis: 2006

TM Smith: 2006, 2007

Amir Borghaei: 2011. Amir was able to chug 4/5 of a gallon in under 5 minutes! He did however take the rest of the entire time alotted because he wasn't able to finish the last bit. This was just a fraction of the thrill, that the milk challenge created that year.

Other Things to NoteEdit

One year, Paoli 1 challenged another troop to the milk challenge and won for having the most milk chugged.

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