Matt J. Magnotta is the son of Scoutmaster Michael J. Magnotta III and brother of previous SPL and Eagle Scout Michael J. Magnotta IV. Matt became a Paoli 1 Eagle Scout and took the position of SPL at the 100th Birthday serving for his one year term culminating at the 101st Birthday celebration.

Matt Magnotta speaking to the troop at the 101st Birthday

When Matt entered the Troop he joined his brother's patrol, the Lion Patrol. Early on Matt also joined the Drum and Bugle Corps as a drummer and received multiple Drum and Bugle Corps Awards for his contributions the the Corps. He later took over command of the Corps as its Captain in 2010. After serving as Assistant Patrol Leader alongside Cody Pitz during the PL term of Justin Hood and Scott Meltzer, Matt took over sole control of Lion Patrol as the Patrol Leader for the 98th Birthday .

He entered the Staff Patrol after the 98th Birthday and took the position of Scribe (this was also the same time Matt took over the Drum & Bugle Corps as mentioned previously). The following year he became Assistant Senior Patrol Leader to Justin Hood and then replaced Justin as SPL after the 100th Birthday. Following the Birthday, at Camp Horseshoe, Matt earned the Silver Buckle for the 2011 camp year.

Matt returned to Horseshoe in 2012 as a Man Scout after Matthew Dong succeeded him as SPL.

Paoli 1 Positions

Man Scout - 2012

Senior Patrol Leader - 2011-2012

Scribe - 2009-2010

Patrol Leader of Lion Patrol : 2008-2009

Eagle Project

Notable Achievements

He is currently the only member of Paoli 1 to earn the Triple Crown as a scout (youth under 18). The Triple Crown is an award given to anyone that has gone to all three High Adventure Bases.

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