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Matt Herbst at the 101st Birthday

Matt Herbst, the son of Joseph Herbst, joined the troop as a member of the Wolf Patrol . He served as the assistant patrol leader of the Wolf Patrol under Kevin Lefchak for two separate birthdays due to Adam Muhlenhaupt's absence for birthday his Patrol Leader Year. Following the 98th birthday Matt took over control of the Wolf Patrol. During his year as PL Matt led the Wolf Patrol to victory in the First Aid Meet .

Matt joined the Staff Patrol following the 98th birthday. During his first year on Staff Matt took on the position of Quartermaster. After his year of service as Quartermaster, he became co-Assistant Senior Patrol Leader with Matt Magnotta under Justin Hood.

Following the 101st birthday Matt joined the Man Scouts while attending Horseshoe in 2012.

Paoli 1 PositionsEdit

Man Scout - 2012

Assistant Senior Patrol Leader - 2010-2012

Quartermaster - 2009-2010

Patrol Leader of Wolf Patrol - 2008-2009

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