Craig Hadden is a Paoli 1 Eagle Scout from the 1973 Class. He has been one of the more active alumni in the past decades as a constant presence at many events. Craig makes appearances on Boards of Review and Eagle Boards and frequently comes down to Horseshoe to visit the scouts in camp. He rarely misses the Family Dinner or the Troop Auction. In particular Craig always attends the Birthday and Memorial Day Parade, events at which he speaks to the scouts about the importance of those events and Scouting. His words help reinforce the Troop's strong history and lays the foundation for these young boys to continue as dedicated alumni like himself.

Craig has served as a member of the Troop Committee for many years. He is a liaison between Paoli 1 and the larger Scouting Movement. He is a vigil member of the Order of the Arrow. He attends national conferences of the BSA, has worked with Chester County Council, and acts as a representative of the Friends of Scouting program.