Some programs at Horseshoe (several merit badges as well as a few other events) are not included in the standard cost of attending summer camp.  Scouts interested in participating in these program areas must go to the Trading Post and purchase a voucher for that program. The voucher covers the additional cost of that program, typically the cost of raw materials involved (e.g. The Basketry voucher covers the costs of the various kits he will use and build over the course of the week).  After buying the voucher, one of the staff members at the Trading Post will sign a card which confirms that the scout has paid for the program and may participate. This in turn is handed to the camp counselor running either the merit badge class or other event.  Failure to purchase a voucher may result in the scout being barred from participating or may result in the withholding of an earned blue card until a voucher is purchased.

Vouchers CostsEdit

As of 2015 the available vouchers and their costs are:

  • Indian Lore - $10.00
  • Woodcarving - $9.00
  • Electronics - $14.00
  • Chemistry - $7.00
  • Basketry  - $16.00
  • Leatherworking - $16.00
  • Metalworking - $11.00
  • Woodworking - $7.00
  • Space Exploration - $16.00
  • Rifle Shooting - $11.00
  • Shotgun Shooting - $27.00
  • Rifle Shooting (Open Shoot) - TBD
  • Shotgun Shooting (Open Shoot) - TBD
  • Project C.O.P.E. - $20.00
  • Mountain Biking (Camp bike) - $11.00
  • Mountain Biking (Personal bike) - $5.50
  • Model Building & Design - $12.00 

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