• Horseshoe Staff Choir
  • "Donkey" giving the homily
  • The Troop hiking to the chapel.
At Horseshoe every Sunday after breakfast, scouts line up behind their flags on the Parade Field before hiking together as a camp to the camp's chapel. There, with the scenic Octoraro as a backdrop, the camp staff holds a brief religious ceremony.

The CeremonyEdit

Like all Scouting, the program is nondenominational but it does follow a Christian tradition. The ceremony consists of the singing of several hymns and psalms, typically dealing with the outdoors and the glory of God's creation. There are also a few Scout themed readings including a responsorial section about the Scout Law. There is also a short reading from the Bible followed by a Scout themed homily by someone from camp staff.

Religious AlternativesEdit

Although the chapel service is built on a Christian base it is still nondenominational. There are no formal Christian prayers, creeds, ceremonies, or sacraments, only the singing of psalms and one religious reading. Because a scout is reverent, Paoli 1 insists that all scouts attend the ceremony regardless of their own personal beliefs. Once there they may choose not to participate if they so desire or they may show reverence to their own God in a silent personal way during the ceremony.

In past years, some scouts of a differing faith have held their own religious ceremony in place of the camp's chapel service. If such a ceremony is held then scouts of that faith wishing to attend it are excused from the main camp service.

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