"All scouts! All scouts! Please report to hard cover!"

The Hard Cover Drill is an event which occurs early each week at Horseshoe.  A siren sounds across the camp's PA system along with spoken instructions to signal the drill.  All personnel are to immediately report to their designated hard cover.  Most troops have to seek shelter in a sturdy building such as the Dining Hall but Paoli 1 is lucky enough to have hard cover in Lisle in the form of the strong open air pavilions.  All scouts are to remain in their cover until Camp Staff arrives to check on the Troop and do a headcount.

As one would expect, "Hard Cover" means just that, structures that provide hard cover against the elements.  Most years, the drill is the only time that the siren will ever sound, but in times of severe weather, the camp will go into a hard cover scenario for real.  This is when it is really fortunate that Paoli 1 does not have to leave their campsite and hike up to the Dining Hall in the middle of the night during a storm to sit there bored out of their minds for God knows how long.

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