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Fox Patrol Patch on a Uniform

Fox Patrol is the fifth patrol in the patrol order. The patrol was originally created in 1926 and served for many years following, until it was decommissioned due to the small size of the troop to only fit four patrols. Thus, Fox Patrol serves as an extra fifth patrol that is reinstated with regards to the size of the troop. As of 2017, the Fox Patrol is active.
Patrol Order Fifth
Patrol Colors Blue and Yellow
Originally Created 1926
Reconstituted 2003/2008

Prominent AlumniEdit

  • Matt Dong
  • Mark Dong
  • Sam Cepielik
  • Eric Williams

Current MembersEdit

  •  Ross Curio (PL)
  •  Joe Curcio (APL)
  •  Ray Donohue
  •  Jack Undercofler
  •  Lukas Kornblatt
  •  Sebastian Golderer

Fox Patrol LeadersEdit

2016-17, 106th Birthday - Christian Vloedman

2015-16, 105th Birthday - Joseph Callahan

2014-15, 104th Birthday - Sam Williams

To see more of Fox's Past Patrol Leaders click here

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