The First Aid Test is a written examination administered by Paoli 1 usually on the Thursday before the First Aid Meet.  No scout is required to take the test, but it is strongly encouraged especially for the more senior scouts who already have a strong understanding of First Aid.  The test helps further hone and improve the scouts' First Aid knowledge but also serves to better prepare scouts for the upcoming First Aid Meet.  The test is multiple choice, covering all the information within the First Aid Merit Badge Book and the First Aid sections of the Scout Handbook. At the end of the hour-long test, the adult moderator may go over the answers with the scouts. During this time, the scouts will review and learn from their mistakes to better understand the material. The scout (or sometimes scouts in the event of a tie) with the highest score while receive the First Aid Plaque during the awards portion of the Birthday

Scouts in the Staff Patrol, although not part of the First Aid Meet competition, may still take the test and potentially win the First Aid Plaque (and often they do). 

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