This award is presented at the Birthday by the Drum and Bugle Corps Captain(s) to one of the scouts within the D&B Corps. The award is represented by a purple ribbon for the scout's Class A Dress Uniform.


There are not many definitive requirements to earn this award as the judgment is at the Corps Captain's decision. However, the scout that receives this award has to be in the Drum and Bugle Corps and it cannot be awarded Captain himself.

The Captain(s) can choose to either give one award for the entire group or separate awards, one for each the drum and bugle sections. Usually when there are two Captains, they will each give one out and when there is only one Captain, he only gives one.

Each year the criteria can range from most improved, best player (excluding the captain), most spirited, most active, most helpful, and other positive characteristics that make a scout deserving of recognition in the captain's eyes..

Previous RecipientsEdit

2016-17, 106th Birthday - Chris Zack

2015-16, 105th Birthday - Jack Roadcap

2014-15, 104th Birthday - Jack Lindgren

2013-14, 103rd Birthday - Matthew Bilker

2012-13, 102nd Birthday - Dan Cepielik

2011-12, 101st Birthday - Jack Zabinski

2010-11, 100th Birthday - Matthew Dong

2009-10, 99th Birthday - Jack Zabinski and Daniel Cepielik

2008-09, 98th Birthday - Matthew Dong

2007-08, 97th Birthday - Matthew Magnotta and Matthew Dong

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