Cursus Honorum is Latin for "course of offices."  It references the order of offices that Roman politicians would hold in their journey from the lowest positions to the highest offices of the Republic.  This term applies to the path through Positions of Responsibility in Paoli 1.  Not only do scouts work their way up the linear "Trail to Eagle" of ranks, they also work through the PORs on their way through the Troop.

Cursus HonorumEdit


Scouts will start their path in unofficial PORs that neither have an associated patch nor do they count for futher adancement.  These positions include Third Man, Patrol Quartermaster,  Patrol Scribe, and Den Chief.

Leading a PatrolEdit

Scouts will take an official POR when they become an Assistant Patrol Leader.  They'll gain a patch for their arm and a lanyard as well.  These scouts have direct responsbility for and authority over the boys in their patrol.  Following a tour as APL, the scout will advance to Patrol Leader at the head of his patrol.

Staff PositionsEdit

Upon completing a tour as PL, a scout will advance into the Staff Patrol.  With few exceptions, all members of the Staff Patrol have their own associated POR such as Scribe, Quartermaster, Troop Guide, Staff Patrol Leader, Assistant Senior Patrol Leader, OA Rep., etc.

Leading the TroopEdit

Typically, after one or two tours in a staff position, a scout may progress to the highest POR in the Troop, Senior Patrol Leader.  All earlier positions have prepared him for this responsibility and it is also that record of offices that have helped him reach SPL.  This is not only the highest position, it is the last position.  Scouts may not serve more than one term as SPL and they do not move back into the lower order of positions.  Former SPLs will completely graduate from the Troop or they will move into an advisory role as a Junior Assistant Scoutmaster and/or Man Scout.

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