Counselors in Training (CIT) are members of Camp Staff at Horseshoe.  As the name implies they are the most junior members of the staff typically ranging in age from 13 to 15.  The perks to the job are that those scouts who works as CITs may return the next year as full instructors.  CITs may also take a handful of merit badges so they still walk away from the summer with the badges they would have earned if they merely came for a week as campers.  Finally, CITs also only work half of the summer rather than a full seven weeks (plus one and a half prep/take-down).  CITs, however, are unpaid aside from the free room and board.  They also must share a tent in Staff City instead of getting a personal tent like other members of the staff.  Finally, CITs are not given the same respect as full instructors both from campers and also from fellow staff members.

Past Paoli 1 CITsEdit

Paoli 1 is not very involved with Camp Staff but occasionally a few scout do decide to spend the summer working at Horseshoe.  They are:

  • Peter Boltuch
    IMG 4140-M

    Jack Zabinski was a CIT during Horseshoe 2012

  • Jack Schenker
  • Jack Zabinski

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