These rules are in place to induce creativity and ensure fair competition among the five patrols during each cooking contest. Breaking any one of the rules will result in disqualification from the contest and zero awarded points.


1. No hot dogs or hamburgers.

2. The meal must be scout prepared and scout made (The scout can prepare a portion of the meal at home so long as he will still be mixing and cooking those prepared components at the sleepout).

3. No store made food allowed e.g. No pizza!

4. The dinner must be a hot meal, meaning it should be cooked over a flame, grill, etc. i.e. it must actually be cooked.

5. Dessert is optional and will not be counted toward the competition.


Staff Patrol and one adult leader will decide which meal they liked best based. This decision draws from the taste of the food, speed at which it was made, the presentation, and other miscellaneous factors.

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