Colour Patrol has a unique and special duty in the Troop. All Paoli 1 color guards are made up of scouts from Colour Patrol. Whether it is the Family Dinner, the Birthday, or Memorial Day it is the Colour Patrol that leads the Troop and proudly carries the Colors. Almost every year the Colour Patrol carries the camp colors during the Horseshoe Retreat Ceremony. They usually perform this job on Saturday when the camp is filled with guests and spectators.

Patrol Order Fourth
Patrol Colors Red, White, and Blue
Created 1915

Prominent AlumniEdit

  • Matt Kravitz
  • Zach Kravitz
  • Callum Backstrom
  • Jack Zabinski

Current MembersEdit

  •  Carl Nirmaier (PL)
  •  Isaiah Chen (APL)
  •  John Riley
  •  Vincent Riley
  •  Nathanael Chen

Color Patrol LeadersEdit

2016-17, 106th Birthday - Eric Rote

2015-16, 105th Birthday - Sean Oberman

2014-15, 104th Birthday - Clay Cochran

To see more of Colour's past Patrol Leaders click here

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