CCC Districts

Chester County Council (CCC) is the BSA council to which Paoli 1 belongs. It encompasses all of Chester County, PA and a small portion of Cecil County, MD. It is one of the oldest councils in the country and one of the few remaining county councils in the state that has not merged with a neighboring council. The council is subdivided into four districts: Diamond Rock, Horseshoe Trail, Lenni Lenape, and Octoraro. Paoli 1's district is Diamond Rock (as seen to the right).

The council purchased, built, and runs Horseshoe Scout Camp. Every year it hosts the Council First Aid Meet for all CCC troops. Octoraro Lodge 22 is the Council's chapter of the Order of the Arrow.

The Chester County Council website is

Council HistoryEdit

Chester County Council was established in 1919 in the wake of the First World War as the various troops of the region were consolidated together. In 1927 CCC established their own lodge of the Order of the Arrow, Octoraro Lodge 22, and the next year in 1928 Horseshoe Scout Reservation opened its doors. The council had previously used Camp Rothrock in Carlise, PA, but they acquired the old Reynolds farm on the Mason-Dixon Line to build their own camp closer to home. Camp Ware, originally called Camp Jubilee, is a Cub Scout facility adjacent to the camp, just across the Octoraro.

In it's over ninety years of operation, Chester County Council has honored over 5000 Eagle Scouts (The council's first Eagle was Wayne F. Reed of Paoli 1 in 1917, two years before CCC was officially founded). It currently runs over 140 separate groups, both Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts, with over 8,000 boys in the program.