Charles M. Barton was a Patrol Leader, Senior Patrol Leader, and is an Eagle Scout of Paoli Troop 1. He joined the troop in the spring of 2008, during the 97th Anniversary of the Troop. He became Eagle Scout in 2015 and was SPL for the 104th Birthday.

Barton began his career in Paoli 1 in the Fox Patrol in 2008, under the leadership of Cody Pitz. After his first year in the troop, Barton was moved to the Wolf Patrol. Following his first year in Wolf Patrol, Barton became the Assistant Patrol Leader of the patrol in 2010, under Alex Schon for the 100th Birthday. He would later become the Patrol Leader of the Wolf Patrol the following year, eventually winning the 101st Birthday Competition. In his first year in the Staff Patrol, Barton was Quartermaster of the troop and later the Assistant Senior Patrol Leader under Sam Cepielik.

During this time in scouting, Barton attended many summer trips and every year at Camp Horseshoe, receiving the Silver Buckle Award his last year at camp. During a visit to the Colorado Base on the way to Philmont in 2013, Barton became interested in the Air Force, kindling interest in wanting to join the organization after completion of High School.

At the 103rd Birthday in June of 2014, Barton was assigned the position of Senior Patrol Leader in the troop, and would hold this duty until June 2015 for the 104th Birthday. He received the rank of Eagle Scout in his last year of scouting in 2015 as well. As an intellectual SPL, Barton is most remembered for his organizational skills and ability to properly resolve various situations due to his creativity. He is also an Ordeal member of the Order of the Arrow.

Since his graduating the troop in 2015, Barton has returned to the troop in sporadic fashion when he has free time off-base from the Air Force Academy.

Paoli 1 Positions Edit

Assistant Patrol Leader of the Wolf Patrol: 2010-11

Patrol Leader of the Wolf Patrol: 2011-12

Quartermaster: 2012-13

Senior Patrol Leader: 2014-15

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