Centerpieces are made every year by the current Assistant Patrol Leader(s) of each patrol for the Family Dinner.  The scouts are to use their imagination and artistic skill to create something Scout themed for their patrol's table.  Typically, recent trips are recreated by the APLs giving an added element of story telling to the centerpiece.  Just prior to the start of the Family Dinner, the Staff Patrol judges the centerpieces and ranks them in order based on originality, creativity, craftsmanship, presentation, and a number of other criteria.  The order in which the patrols eat is determined by the ranking of this contest.

Past WinnersEdit

2017: Eagle - Ethan Skorup

2016: Eagle - Brendan Herrin

2015: Eagle - Jack Roadcap

2014: Fox - Sam Williams

2013: Eagle - Nathan Rose


Lion Patrol's 2012 Centerpiece

2012: Lion - Mike Roadcap and Ravi Tata

2011: Lion - Redmond Watson

2010: Wolf - Alex Schon


2008: Color - Robby Adelberger


Dick Bensing's OrdersEdit

Scouts are prohibited from making any models of the Cabin or other Troop structures and then forcibly "donating" them to Paoli 1.  There are already plenty of models taking up space in the Trophy Room and attic.

Other RulesEdit

Sometimes, such as in the 2013 Family Dinner, there was a ban on any edible centerpiece. 

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