Camp Horseshoe is sub-divided into several departments each with their own specific function around camp. Merit Badge departments will teach their specific set of badges, run an SIP, and a few other events. The other departments focus on supporting the camp through administration, facilities management, etc.

The specific locations mentioned in the following departments can be found here.

Merit Badge DepartmentsEdit


Campcraft deals with all the outdoors type skills associated with Scouting: knot typing, fire building ,etc. Badges taught here include: Camping, Cooking, Wilderness Survival, and Indian Lore. Campcraft also hosts an annual obstacle course competition as well as the camp-wide Paul Bunyan Competition.


This department teaches more artisan type skills to scouts. Merit badges taught here include: Leather-working, Metalworking, Basketry, and Art.


The beginning of the overly self-explanatory departments, Nature is housed in the Nature Lodge and deals with Nature themed merit badges. These badges include: Mammals, Reptiles, Forestry, Weather, Oceanography, Environmental Science, Geology, Soil and Water Conservation, and Space Exploration. Nature also hosts the Turtle Derby.

Shooting SportsEdit

This department actually includes two sub-departments. The first of which is the Rifle Range, or more appropriately Rifle and Shotgun ranges. As would be expected both Rifle and Shotgun merit badges are taught here. The range also holds the Inter Troop Shoot as well as hosting the individual Troop Shoots. The second department is Archery which naturally teaches the Archery merit badge but also includes Sports merit badge. Like the Rifle Range, the Archery Range hosts their own troop and inter troop shoots. There is an SIP for both locations. The Shooting SIP is at the Rifle Range and consists of rifle shoot, shotgon shoot, candlelight shoot, fruit shoot, and others. The Sports SIP is at the Archery Range and Athletic Field and consists of action archery, archery shoot, ultimate frisbee and other field sports.


As the name implies, this department is all about the water. This includes both swimming in the pool as well as boating on the Octoraro. They instruct Swimming and Life Saving merit badges, run their own SIP, supervise free swims and troop swims, administer the Horseshoe Swim Test, and run Water Carnival. In addition, they run a program out of the Boat Docks (which is on the complete opposite side of camp) which acts as a multi-period program which receives it's own segment rather than any badge.


Challenging Outdoor Personal Experience is the camp's rope and climbing course. Like the Aquatics boating program this is a multi-period program for more experienced scouts who do not need merit badges but just want to have fun and an interesting experience at camp. COPE also runs a mountain biking program for those interested (and with bikes). Scouts who attend this program will also receive a segment for their participation.


Centered on the Health Lodge, this department falls midway between both departments. They tend to the minor medical needs of the camp such as distribution of prescription medicine and first aid for minor injuries, but their primary purpose is as instructors for Health related merit badges and skill training. This includes: First Aid, Emergency Preparedness, Medicine, Personal Fitness, and CPR Training. Health also hosts the Inter Troop Track Meet.

Support DepartmentsEdit


Headquarters deals with the administration of the entire camp. Both the camp and program directors work from here. Finances are handled through HQ, emergency calls to camp are made through HQ, HQ receives and sorts all the mail headed to camp, special programs are scheduled there, etc. It is the nerve center of the entire program and the liaison between the troops and the other departments.

Dining HallEdit

Dining of course deals with the food. While the scouts serve as KP at meals, they only do part of the job. The camp has numerous staff members back in the kitchen who order food for hundreds of campers, prepare and cook the meals, and then clean up once it's all done only to start again for the next meal. On Thursday, Outpost, the kitchen still runs to a limited extent on their day off as food stuffs are distributed to the various troops.


Their most obvious base of operations is the Quonset Hut but the maintenance department has equipment and locations all around camp. They're typically the ones you see driving around in the HSR trucks. Like most maintenance departments elsewhere, they are generally the most frustrating of departments just by nature. They never seem to have the tools or equipment you need, are always late when called to fix something, and are never there when you go looking for them.

Trading PostEdit

In recent years the trading post has drifted further from HQ into its own department (most likely helped by them getting their own building). The trading post sells all sort of things to scouts and scoutmasters alike. This ranges from scouting gear and apparel to drinks and snacks; vouchers for camp programs to require items for merit badges.

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