The Cabin requires a hefty amount of maintenance throughout the year to keep it safe, enjoyable, and usable for the scouts. To help with the upkeep of the cabin, Paoli 1 hosts on average two work days in the Fall to prepare for the Winter and two workdays in the Spring to prepare for the Birthday in the Summer. The work days usually start at 9:00 a.m. and last until lunch time when work slowly stops and scouts start getting ready for the Troop Meeting that is often scheduled later that day. It is the Assistant Scoutmaster of Grounds and the Quartermaster of Grounds that usually organize and lead the work days.



To prepare for the incoming winter, a major portion of these work days is to chop, split, and stack wood. The wood is stacked in the wood shed to shelter it from the weather. It is gradually used over the next few months to heat the Cabin.


The Parade Field receives special care during these work days as the Birthday and the beforehand practices require a well maintained field.


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