Bike trips are camping outings taken by the troop that involve one main activity: biking. These trips primarily involve mountain biking along a trail, rather than a race or biking along the side of a road. Scouts bring their bikes to the Cabin and load them together in the Landscape trailer. These trips serve as a regular camping trip, usually all of the scouts would bike during the day, eat lunch along the trail, and will bike back to base camp for the night.  


In the past the troop has taken bike trips to many different places, including Harper's Ferry, Pine Creek Gorge, Antietam Battle Field, and The Abandon Highway in Pennsylvania. These places always require a mountain bike to be used, and helmets must be worn at all times by scouts and adults. Bike trips can be taken throughout the year, however they have recently been in the fall, due to the higher chance for the trip to be rained-out in the spring.

Ice CreamEdit

Traditionally each bike trip will either have in the middle or at the end an ice cream shop where all the scouts gather to reward themsleves for the miles biked.  

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