In addition to patches and other items that mark the uniform, scouts of Paoli 1 may also earn various Awards represented by ribbon bars and medals. These awards are typically presented at the conclusion of the Birthday and are worn only with the Class A Dress Uniform.

Earning AwardsEdit

Awards are earned in various ways. Some track progress over an entire year while others are awarded with respect to one particular day or event. Some awards are awarded to a group but others are given only to individuals. Some awards are decided based on clear statistics while others are decided at the discretion of the person or people awarding it. No matter the award, it is an honor to receive any one.

A full list of Birthday Awards and their associated information can be found here

Wearing AwardsEdit

As mentioned above, awards are only worn for Class A Dress events such as the Birthday, Memorial Day Parade, and Family Dinner.

There is no specifically determined "order of wear" so a scout has freedom to wear most of his ribbons and medals but there are a few guidelines.

  • All awards are worn over the left breast pocket of the Uniform Shirt between the Out of Country Patch and the pocket flap.
  • The ribbon bars are always worn above the medals.
    • The line between the two is the top stitch of the pocket. Ribbons are placed above it. Medals are pinned along it (and below it onto the pocket if needed).
  • Both ribbon bars and medals are to be placed tightly against one another in sections of three across.
    • New rows of ribbons are placed further up the shirt. New rows of medals are placed further down the shirt.
    • In the event that a row has only one ribbon or medal then that award is placed in the center position with empty places beside it.
    • In the event that a row has only two ribbons or medals then those awards are placed together and centered with half an empty place beside them on either end.
  • The Eagle Medal is always worn centered over the pocket in a position more prominent than any other award.
  • If necessary, the Year Pin will be moved further up to allow space for the awards to be worn.

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