The Assistant Senior Patrol Leader(s) (ASPL) is to the Senior Patrol Leader what the Assistant Patrol Leader is to a standard Patrol Leader. He is the second in command, the executive officer, the assistant, the deputy, the lieutenant, etc. His duties include assisting the SPL in his duties with the running of meetings and trips. In the SPL's absence, he is responsible for performing the SPL's job. If there is no Staff Patrol Leader, he typically assumes part of that role to take part of the burden of controlling the Staff Patrol off the shoulders of the SPL.

There is always at least one ASPL and at times up to three or four depending on the size of the Staff Patrol and at the discretion of the SPL. The ASPL's patch is a large tan circle with three green horizontal bars. A gold Scouting Fleur-de-lis is on top of those bars and the words "Assistant Senior Patrol Leader" form an arch above it in green. ASPL is an acceptable POR for rank advancement.

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