Adam Muhlenhaupt is the younger brother of Erik Muhlenhaupt. He joined the troop in 2001 and participated in the troop activities. Unlike most of the scouts his age, Adam became Patrol Leader of Wolf Patrol as a sophomore in High School, yet he continued to be active within the troop and took command of the troop after Mike Kiniry as Senior Patrol Leader at the 97th Birthday. Adam is noted for his great charisma and strength.

As a Man Scout, Adam has continued to attend every week of Horseshoe except for one. Earlier in his Man Scout career he helped record memorable events throughout the week at Horseshoe and put them into a video for others to view. Lately he has become in charge of the Thursday Movie Night at Horseshoe, bringing down all the equipment and movie selctions for the scouts to see. Always innovative, during the 2013 Horseshoe year, despite the rain, Adam came up with the idea to put all the scouts in the Staff pavilion to watch The Goonies.

Notable Facts

  • Adam is the only Paoli 1 Scout to receive two Silver Buckles. Although he only won one his Senior Patrol Leader year, in 2006 he physically received a silver buckle in place of Matt Kravitz
  • Adam missed his Patrol Leader year Birthday for a trip to Europe
  • At Adam's Horseshoe, he lost his voice and so was given a megaphone to speak with.
  • Adam completed his Eagle Project during his Senior Patrol Leader year, finishing his Eagle Board 5 days before his 18th Birthday. (Scouts must finish their Eagle Board before their 18th Birthday to received the Eagle Scout)
  • According to Matthew Dong Adam shared a sleeping bag with Mike Kiniry at Philmont to save weight in 2009.

Paoli 1 Positions

Man Scout - 2009 (Part of the Council)

Senior Patrol Leader - 2008-2009

Patrol Leader of Wolf Patrol - 2006-2007

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