Formally known as 716 Kilo 3, the crew was formed in 2012 in preparation for Philmont 2013. They picked itenerary 31 as their first choice and got it. 

IMG 1479-M

The Crew on top of Mount Baldy

Crew MembersEdit

Crew Leader: Mark Zibinski

Navigator: Eric Williams (also second in command)

Chaplin's Aide: Mark Dong

Wilderness Guia: Zach Kravitz

Other Members: Ravi Tata and Matt Bilker

Lead Advisor: Dennis Dong

Advisors: Larry Bilker and Matthew Dong

Other: Gary Zibinski (dropped out due to work)

Pre-Philmont ShakedownsEdit

Crew Leader Mark Zibinski organized shakedowns for his members to prepare themselves physically and mentally for Philmont. Numerous hikes were done at Vally Forge National Park as well as one at Horseshoe

The TrekEdit

554877 10201767396885891 196408783 n

Philmont 2013 Crew 716-K-03 on top of Shafer's Peak

Day 1: Base CampEdit

Day 2: Flume CanyonEdit

The crew had a schedule departure at 1:45, so they were able to enjoy the morning and afternoon in base camp. With their Ranger they took the bus to Ponil Turnaround where they were given lessons in lightening position, red roof inns, and first aid. They then hiked to Ponil where they branded items and drank the famous root beer. They then hiked to their campsite, Flume Canyon and got campsite 1 near the burro pen. 

Day 3: Rich CabinsEdit

Day 4: Upper GreenwoodEdit

Day 5: Copper ParkEdit

Day 6: Baldy SkylineEdit

Day 7: ElkhornEdit

Day 8: Dean CowEdit

Day 9: HarlanEdit

Day 10: Aspen SpringsEdit

Day 11: Clark's ForkEdit

Day 12: Base CampEdit

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