Crew MembersEdit


716-K-2 at Philmont

Crew Leader: Jack Zabinski

Wilderness Pledge Guia: Quinn Mclewee

Chaplains Aid: Jack Dwyer

Other Crew Members: Nathan Rose, Brendan Miller and Amir Borghaei

Lead Advisor: Bill Rose

Advisors: Doug Miller and Hossein Borghaei

The TrekEdit

italicised names represent a staffed camp

Day 1: Base Camp (All treks Start here)

Day 2: Rayado River

Day 3: Aguila

Day 4: Miners Park

Day 5: Clarks Fork

Day 6: Aspen Springs

Day 7: Visto Grande

Day 8: Head Of Dean

Day 9: Baldy Town

Day 10: Baldy Town

Day 11: Flume Canyon

Day 12: Base Camp

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