The 316th Infantry Drill Trophy is a patrol based award, presented to the patrol that has best mastered staff drilling. The trophy itself is the guidon of the 316th Infantry Regiment. It is a long wooden pole with a silver pike tip and blue guidon swallowtail flag. Circular plaques run the length of the pole to commemorate the patrols who have received this award. The scouts each receive a blue and white ribbon for their Class A Dress Uniforms.
IMG 7717-M

Ed Williams presenting the award at the 102nd Birthday


This award was presented by the 316th Infantry Division in 1928 to Paoli 1 for excellence in the manual of arms. Since then, the patrols have continued the drilling tradition. They compete in a number of drilling events with their patrol staffs over the weeks and months leading up to the Birthday.


Unlike the Birthday Drill Competition, the 316th Infantry Award is decided through a series of competitions in which all scouts participate. Also, rather than marking off points for mistakes over a set period of time, these competitions are elimination based. Scouts are "knocked out" of the competition after their first mistake and the last man remaining during the drilling round wins. The patrol of the winner receives one point for the victory. These points are accumulated over the course of several competitions during the weeks before the Birthday. The SPL decides how many rounds of competition there will be and calls most if not all of the commands. He and his Staff assistants watch the participants and call them on their mistakes.

Due to the nature of the competition, an entire patrol can easily be carried by one scout and it is often just one scout who will end up winning the award for his entire patrol. A patrol with nine poor drillers but one excellent driller will end up beating a patrol that has ten average drillers.

Previous RecipientsEdit

2016-17, 106th Birthday - Fox Patrol

2015-16, 105th Birthday - Color Patrol

2014-15, 104th Birthday - Fox Patrol

2013-14, 103rd Birthday - Fox Patrol

2012-13, 102nd Birthday - Fox Patrol

2011-12, 101st Birthday - Fox Patrol

2010-11, 100th Birthday - Fox Patrol

2009-10, 99th Birthday - Fox Patrol

2008-09, 98th Birthday - Fox Patrol

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